Reese Hammerstrom

Project Manager in Santa Barbara, California

Reese Hammerstrom

Project Manager in Santa Barbara, California

Current LinkedIn bio [but in more detail.]

I‘m excited to participate in the integration of technology and humans

[It’s an exciting time to be alive. Our sensory experience is becoming duplicated in virtual existence. Everyday accessories - like phones, watches, voice assistants, cars, and headphones - are symbiotically evolving with us, rapidly. There is investment in trying to create a procedure to apply a layer ofphysicaltech onto a human’s brain that enables us to process data at the rate of computers. And there is a good chance we will see a lot of it.]

, furthering progress towards a friction-less existence.

[A friction-less existence seamlessly enables you to move through your day maximizing productivity, maximizing the time you do things you enjoy, and being happier. Common driving forces of technology are intended to save us time, or extend our time on this Earth. The continued integration of technology into our lives will lead the progress towards a friction-less existence.]

I enjoy contributing to the creation of products that make our lives easier,

[I am working with Nomad Goods, where we build best in class mobile accessories. We put materials before margin in our ongoing quest to build a suite of premium yet practical tools to empower and equip the modern Nomad. As a Product Manager, I help with our product development process, product launches, and the E-commerce experience. Building products around the most important devices in our lives is extremely interesting and continues to be exciting.]

and thrive when given the opportunity to create new systems and solve new problems on a regular basis.

[I am motivated by learning a like figuring shit out.]


Side projects are still quiet, intentionally. But there are some things that I will be experimenting with soon...

stay tuned on 'gram.


Next Spartan Race:

Castaic Lake, December 8th, 2018


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